Kristin successfully completed the Massage Therapy program in Thunder Bay, Ontario in 2002. Prior to moving to Kelowna in January 2007 she enjoyed working with chiropractors and physiotherapists in a multi-disciplinary environment. During this time Kristin witnessed the benefits of an integrated approach to patient care. She believes that treatment diversification is key to maximizing recovery and achieving optimal health.

Over the past 15 years as a registered massage therapist Kristin has gained extensive clinical massage therapy experience with musculoskeletal pathologies, sports injuries, surgical rehabilitation and stress reduction. Kristin has a thorough understanding of numerous sports which has enhanced her ability to understand injury and rehabilitation as a health care professional. She continues to educate herself on complimentary modalities to massage therapy in order to design a treatment plan that is best suited for each patient. She believes that teaching patients home care to prevent re-injury is a very important part of the patients wellness program.