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Dr. Peter Stapleton

Dr. Stapleton can meet at either location.

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Dr. Sterling is a family and sports chiropractor specializing in shockwave therapy and more.

Dr. Sterling Armata

309 Banks Rd, Kelowna

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Chiropractic care has been shown to speed recovery from many common muscle and joint injuries. Our highly experienced clinicians will guide you through your entire treatment plan and get you back to everyday activities.

chiropractic service

Registered Massage Therapy

Choose from one of our 4 Registered Massage Therapists. They all have extensive training to help you work out all those aches and pains.

Massage Therapy service


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Acupuncture service

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy offers a non-invasive and highly effective method to treat some of the most difficult soft tissue pathologies.

Shockwave Therapy Service

Spinal Decompression

Having sciatic type pain or chronic low back or neck pain? Non-surgical spinal decompression can help get you out of pain and back to your everyday activities.

Spinal Decompression Service

Custom Orthotics

Our clinic provides completely custom orthotics from Kintec. Orthotics can help with many conditions from foot, ankle, knee, hip and low back pain.

Custom Orthotics Service

Multiple Clinic Options for
Your Convenience

Live in West Kelowna or heading down to the southern Okanagan? Come see us at our Peachland Clinic for the same great service you get at KLO Chiropractic. Or visit us at


Our Chiro Team is Here for You

Dr. Todd Penner


Dr. Penner is extremely pleased with his outstanding team of practitioners in both clinics and thankful for the opportunity to serve the healthcare needs in Kelowna and Peachland. Dr. Penner is a 1990 Cum Laude graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic-West in San Jose, California.... View Article


Dr. Peter Stapleton


Dr. Stapleton graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2012 and has settled down in the beautiful Okanagan since then. Dr. Stapleton works out of our Kelowna clinic and is the primary clinician in our satellite Peachland location.​ Dr. Stapleton strives not only to... View Article


Dr. Sterling Armata


Dr. Sterling Armata has been practicing for over 30 years and is from a long Chiropractic tradition. His father was a Chiropractor for over 50 years in Aurora, Ontario. Dr. Sterling practiced together with his father before moving to the Okanagan. Dr. Armata attained his... View Article


Our team of professionals are here to make a difference in your life.



Kind Words from Our
Valued Patients


Awesome clinic with great services. Dr. Penner is a great chiropractor no quirks just great results. The massage therapy team is the best in valley. If you are looking for a new Chiro or RMT look no further they will take good care of you.


I’ve been seeing Dr. Penner since 2011 after a car accident. He is very good, I have seen him for acute and chronic injuries and through pregnancies. He was always very careful and took extra care treating me when I was pregnant.

Dr. Sterling Armata’s Reviews

These reviews are from clients at Dr. Sterling’s chiropractic and wellness clinic.
  • Rhylee Kirsch

    Dr. Stirling has given me my life back! After a car accident nearly 2 years ago (where I simply wasn’t getting better) I finally went to him & he was able to pinpoint my exact issues and provide treatment that has nearly eliminated my constant headaches & pain. I can run and workout again after almost 2 years off. I am so grateful to a family friend for referring me to him and for his professionalism, care and knowledge. Don’t wait two years, go to Dr. Stirling now! My only regret is not going sooner.

  • Cooper Mcguire

    Dr. Sterling takes the time to walk you through your whole therapy, gently explaining what each bone is doing to your bod. His bed side manner leaves you feeling welcomed like visiting a Regular friend who dashes motivational speeches In your hang out. The Docs hands make short work of your twisted and knotted joints, while scary at first the therapy quickly becomes an addictive pleasure of returned flexibility!

    Thanks doc too young to let myself be taken out of the game your the man who’s making it possible!

  • Shelly-Anne Mckay

    Dr.Aramata is amazing at what he does. He truly cares about his patients and is extremely knowledgeable in his field. He takes the time to explain what he is doing and why. He is the first chiro who has been able to make lumbar adjustments that actually reduced pain for me. His shockwave treatments are the first treatment that’s worked to unlock extremely tight leg muscles and reduce my knee pain. I finally feel like I am in the best hands ever for my care. I am making continued improvement each visit. This man is truly gifted when it comes to healing. Thank you Dr.Aramata!

  • Jessie Neufeld

    I have been going to Sterling and he is a fantastic guy as well as a excellent Chiropractor!! Very knowledgeable, thorough, breaks it down and makes everything easy to understand!! 5/5!! If your looking for a new chiropractor you need to see him!!

  • Jessica Moxley

    On a recent trip to Big White, I had a few vertebrae go out of alignment. I’ve been a licensed massage therapist for 16yrs and have received thousands of hours of bodywork. It was clear within the first five minutes that Sterling loved his job and is highly educated in his field. I deeply appreciate a holistic approach to bodywork and he delivered! I’d give him 10 stars if that was an option!

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    Sports and Chiropractic

    Make big powder turns after seeing a chiropractor or registered
    massage therapist at KLO Chiropractic.

    Sports and Chiropractic

    Make big powder turns after seeing a chiropractor or registered
    massage therapist at KLO Chiropractic.


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